Mortgage Lending Colleyville

Mortgage Lending Colleyville

Mortgage lending in Colleyville does not need to be difficult. The elite team at Supreme Lending gets you in the house you can afford. Our reliable team helps clients from initial offer to their final payment and beyond.

What factors should I consider when finding a mortgage?

Your mortgage should be within your reach. This means considering your future.

The average American moves 11.7 times throughout their life. Your mortgage should not create a recurring debt load. You should be able to pay off your loan while providing an adequate down payment through the sale of your next home.

How expensive should my mortgage be?

Mortgages are like rent. They should never be more than 33 percent of your pretax income. Your rent is due monthly.

Our experts recommend never carrying debt over 40 percent of your monthly salary. In the Colleyville area, the average resident can afford a mortgage over $3000 per month.

What credit score do I need for a mortgage?

Credit scores mean a lot. They provide a basis of trust for your loan officer. The world is much different today than it was in 2008.

A score below 620 greatly impacts your mortgage rate. We offer 30-year fixed-rate mortgages near the national interest rate. Other options are available as well. However, lower credit scores increase the amount you pay each month.

What is the average home price in Colleyville?

Colleyville is affluent and desirable. With average home prices over $512,000, homes are within reach.

Quality amenities, schools, and the possibility of living an active lifestyle make our city one of the best in the state. The population increased over 2 percent per year since 1990 with 10000 new residents since 2000.

Can I obtain state assistance for a home in Colleyville?

Texas provides opportunities beyond what is provided by the federal government. The Texas Department of Housing and Community affairs backed loans help purchasers looking for homes falling within a certain price range.

Unfortunately, these rates do not typically apply to most homeowners in Colleyville. Most residents are not first-time owners and the average price falls outside the range set by the state.

Trustworthy mortgage lending in Colleyville

Lending needs to be affordable and your company must be trustworthy. Shady practices are not unheard of and stricter lending standards make it more likely that lenders will pursue wealthier candidates.

Every loan should be the same regardless of your ability to pay. The amount you require for your home is the only factor affecting your rate.

Where can I find a loan officer near Colleyville?

The team at Supreme Lending creates opportunities for everyone. We place people first, working with our clients from start to finish. From your initial offer to your last loan payment, we are there to help.

If you are looking to purchase a home, our experts can help. We keep your loans affordable and your life rolling. Visit our website or get in touch with one of our experts today to get started.

Mortgage Lending Colleyville
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