McKinney Home Loans

McKinney Home Loans

Can you take a home loan for personal use? The answer is, no, you cannot. A housing loan is only useable in property-related endeavors. There is a one hundred percent possibility that the concerned financial institution will serve you with a legal case. McKinney home loans from The Elite Team is applicable for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of new property
  • Renovation of the present home, a second one or an investment property
  • Refinancing an old mortgage with a second loan
  • Rehabilitation of the existing house with the FHA 203(K) option

How to use a home loan from The Elite Team


The primary purpose of a home loan is to buy a home. Few people could afford to buy a lavish home in McKinney. Mortgage institutions give prospective homeowners a lot of flexibility in gaining property. You will barely feel the financial pressure when you take a loan that pays off in thirty years.


A second loan will be available in a lump sum, at one go. You can settle the first mortgage using the option and qualify for reduced interest rates. The cash received may not exceed $2000. The Texas limit is lower.

Home improvement

Home renovations are usually a wise investment when you use the right economic planning. They add value to the property and give a higher profit when you sell. Using a home loan to pay for improvement is a better payment method because you do not risk starting a project that does not mature because of the limitation of the funds.

Tips to qualify for a home loan

Asking for a quick home loan also safeguards your home from increasing damages. Funding progressive damage could cost you more than the aggregate amount of a loan.

Know your credit score

It takes a couple of minutes to get your credit score information. Not everyone cares enough to find out their credit score before applying for a mortgage. A low credit score will automatically disqualify you from earning McKinney home loans. Fraudulent activities with your information will raise legal alarms and derail the process of securing a loan.

You can prepare for a better credit score by learning the factors that improve weak reports. Begin by lowering your debt and paying bills on time. Talk to a credit officer to find other legitimate ways of accelerating the improvement.

Prepare the money

Acquiring a mortgage loan is not a free process. You have to compensate the Elite Team loan officer and generate documents that may require fees. The following operations will require direct payments:

  • Home inspections
  • Closing cost
  • Appraisals
  • Title procession
  • Credit report generation
  • Application fee

Apart from the small charges mentioned above, some will also need a down payment as confirmation of commitment.

Keep your job

The surest way of making monthly mortgage is to maintain your regular position. The beginning of a mortgage is not an most opportune time to leave your job and risk your income.


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