Colleyville Mortgage

Colleyville Mortgage

Housing is expensive. The average home price today exceeds that of 2007. While Texas is booming, Supreme Lending continues to generate customers for life through solid and moral practices that help you and your family find and stay in their home as a premier Colleyville mortgage company.

What should homeowners in Texas know?

Texas is a large state. However, there are some common requirements for purchasing a home in Texas.

Potential homeowners need a credit score of at least 620 to qualify for a loan. Their property must be in the state and not exceed set purchase limit prices to qualify for financial assistance if looking for benefits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs also known as the TDHCA.

Still, the state offers more help for first-time homeowners than national programs. TDHCA lenders work with first-time buyers to ensure that they have access to the American dream.

What can I expect to pay for a home in Colleyville, TX?

Colleyville is an up and coming area near Dallas. Our community offers great schools, golf courses, and the amenities of a luxury lifestyle. The city has a WalkScore over 16, making it a fit and modern place to live near some of the largest cities in the country.

This does mean that some homeowners will not qualify for assistance from the federal and state governments. Home prices in the area are rising with the population which now sites at 26,674 residents. The average home costs nearly $512,000.

Where can I find a mortgage in the Colleyville?

Lenders in Colleyville understand that their customers have built a life for themselves. The number of options appears limitless. With an average income of $152,310, lenders are more than willing to help.

Supreme Lending offers premium mortgages at rates affordable to everyone. We have offices in Colleyville, Greenville, Plano, Sulphur Springs and more, bringing the same established lending procedures from the high class to the working class.

Lending officers that work with me

Lenders look for success. We make our living when customers make payments. This can lead to some outrageous and shady practices.

Supreme Lending maintains a strong working philosophy that places the customer first. Proactive communication and ethical business practices seek to give every customer a thorough understanding of how their loans will impact their lives. We work with clients throughout the homeownership process and are aware of rate changes.

Colleyville mortgage companies

Placing our customers first makes us a premier lender in the greater Dallas area. Every loan officer places the customer first. There are no predator practices at our company. We want our customers to achieve their dreams.

Colleyville is a terrific place to live. We know the area and help customers find the home they want and deserve.

If you are looking for a home in Colleyville Texas, Supreme Lending services can help with a lightning-fast and thorough process that places customers first. Get in touch with one of our loan officers today or visit our website.

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